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Pink Amethyst Princess Ring

Pink Amethyst Princess Ring

$150.00 SGD

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Product Material: 

  • 925 Silver Base with 18K gold vermeil plating
  • Pink Amethyst with white topaz

What is Vermeil Plating?
A thick 18K gold layer on a 925 silver base metal. To be able to qualify as vermeil plating, the thickness of the gold vermeil has to be at least a certain thickness for its durability which usually requires at least of 1 layers of the gold plating. Amado products are plated with 5 layers of 18K gold.

 It is allergy free as no other material has been used other than 925 silver and 18K gold.  

*The colors of the gemstone may vary as the stone selection is different for each ring

Gift Box with Ziplock


Carat Size:








Color Customization: 





Other Gold colors such as "Yellowgold" or "Whitegold" can be done through customization. 

Please note down your choice of color customization in the description when you check out from our website. 

It will take 30-60 working days. 


Size Customization: 




Our available sizes in stock are US 4- 7/8 depending on the design of the ring. Any size below 4 or above 7/8 and any half sizes require customization. 

Please note down your US size in the description when you check out from our website. 

It will take 30-60 working days.




When product is out of stock, you can still pre-order the product with us! 

It will take 30-60 working days. 

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