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Size Guide

How to measure your ring size


Method 1 : Using a String  

Step ONE: Cut a long piece of string. Center one end on the inside of the finger using your thumb to hold it in place.

Step TWO: Wrap the remaining string around your finger as if it were your ring.

Step THREE: Marked the overlap point, straighten the string back out next to a regular straight ruler. Measure the length of the string up to the mark. That would be the ring circumference measurement.


Step FOUR: Determine your ring size along with the size chart we provided in the above picture.


Method 2: Using an existing ring you are already wearing

Step ONE: Use a normal ruler

Step TWO: Measure the widest width across the ring

Step THREE: Take down the measurement. That would be the ring diameter measurement

Step FOUR: Determine your ring size along with size chart we provided


The available sizes that we have in stocks are from US4 to US7/8 depending on which design it is.

We do not have stocks in ready for half sizes and sizes below 4 and above 7/8. For non-ready stocks, you would need to go through customization.

Alternatively, you can head down to Isetan at Shaw House, Amado Beloved, located at level 2. We will assist you in finding the right size for you. 

For further information about customization please click here. 

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