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Payment made by 
  • You do not need a Paypal account to checkout. You may choose to manually key in your credit or debit card details.
  • We do not accept personal checks, money or direct bank transfers.
  • A receipt and order confirmation will be emailed to you when the payment is successfully made. There will not be any other receipt issued along with the items sent.
  • If you have been issued an online store credit, a coupon with no expiry date would have been issued to you via email. 
  • You may use the code shown on the coupon issued to you at checkout to redeem your credits. 
  • All the credits are not possible to use stores that are not directly under our control. (ex. department store) 

Bank Transfer and PAYNOW / PAYLAH
  • If you wish to checkout by bank transfer, you can take note of our Bank account number: 
  • If you wish to use PayNow or PayLah, you can use this number: 9026 5347, Chloe Kwon. 
  • After the transfer has been made, please drop us a message or email telling us that the payment has been made. This process may take some time as we would have confirm that the payment has been made. 
  • Once it is confirmed, we will send you an invoice of the item.  
  • The customer is responsible for any sales taxes incurred at their local customs. 
  • We are happy to take your order in other platforms.
  • You can DM us the product and the details of the item in the message. 
  • In this case, payment would be done through PayNow or PayLah. The mobile number would be: 9026 5347.
  • After confirmation of the payment, we will send you an invoice.
After placing an order, there will be an email to confirm the shipping address and the items you have ordered. Please double check the shipping address and drop us an email if you spot any errors with your address as soon as possible. The amendments can only be made before we pack and ship. 
We are unfortunately not liable for items sent to a wrong shipping address provided. However, as all packages come with tracking number, we will try out best to help track down the package and direct it to your correct address. Any re-shipping charge incurred will by borne by the customer for the wrong address provided. 
If you have any other queries regarding the payment, please drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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