"Beloved" by everyone around you

Designer Story


Amado Beloved was founded by Chloe Kwon in 2015. Prior to 2015, Chloe worked at a major architectural company as an Architectural designer. She loves modern and classic designs. Her designs are inspired by the nature around us.


Chloe's first encounter with natural gemstones was during a business trip to Myanmar where she fell in love with a Ruby, in which she designed into a beautiful ring. This sparked an interest for designing gemstones into beautiful jewelry pieces.


 Chloe realized she was unable to find modern-architecture classic fine jewelry set with high quality natural gemstones in Singapore. She travels to various countries in search for the best stones for clients and turn them into beautiful jewelry pieces.Those exquisite gemstone jewelry that you see today in Amado Beloved are designed by her.


Amado Beloved now carries hundreds of jewelry designs. We wish to further extend and hope to launch many more unique designs for everyone.


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