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Sapphire; September's birthstone

Sapphire; September's birthstone

Sapphire, a variety of the mineral species, corundum, has adorned royalty and the robes of the clergy for many centuries. A mesmerizing blue gemstone associated with hope, protection, strength, judgement, kindness, faith, spiritual growth and good fortune.

Even today, Sapphire is known as "stone of wisdom"
Blue Sapphire is widely known but they can also be found in other colors; white, yellow, pink, orange, green, etc. In fact, all corundum colors are called Sapphire except red which is known as Ruby.

Sapphire is one of the best calming stone that helps to focus the mind and release tension. Other than Diamond, Sapphire is another gemstone associated with love, commitment, fedelity, marriage and attachment. Because of this, Sapphire is commonly chosen as an engagement ring. Different sapphire colors are associated with additional properties.
- White: Boosts courage, brings fairness, activates brain and mind

- Yellow: One of the best gemstones for bringing prosperity, success and abundance.

- Orange: Associated with wisdom of love and creativity.

- Pink: Helps one express sexually, brings joy, happiness and dynamic into life.

- Blue: Helps to overcome insecurity, brings knowledge and strengthens the mind.

- Green: A " stone of fidelity" which brings about integrity and fidelity. Encourages compassion towards others

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